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I noticed something that happened to the Old Spice Bottle and it rubbed me the wrong way. This happened slowly, over a period of several years, and I'm not sure whether or not anyone else has noticed it.

Shulton, Inc. must have sold the marketing rights for Old Spice to Proctor & Gamble a few years ago. The original Old Spice bottle had a picture of a tall ship proudly flying the Stars and Stripes of the U.S. of A.

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After Proctor & Gamble started marketing it, they kept the same tall ship, but they removed the U.S. flag and made it into a "generic" flag (they also took 1/4 ounce away from us)...

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Then soon after that, they changed the ship completely and put a little pendant flag on the top of the new "sleek" ship (and we got the 1/4 ounce back).

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I'll tell you why I think this sucks...Old Spice is a piece of Americana. It's fragrance reminds folks like me (baby boomers) of our fathers. It has always been associated with America! What I see is this: Proctor & Gamble wanted to sell this product within their "Global Community", and they didn't want to lose any anti-American consumers. And then, they finally wanted to interest a younger generation, so they changed the ship from a "grand three-mast tall ship" to a "sleek, single-mast racing ship", with a tiny pendant flag. They labeled this updated bottle as the "Original" Old Spice After Shave....HARDLY!!

Shulton, Inc. located in Clifton, New Jersey was, apparently, a patriotic company who made a great American product used by generations of Americans. Now, Proctor & Gamble has reduced this product's image to a non-descript, non-American commodity.

I wonder what other historically American products have been stripped of their identity by huge conglomerates needlessly erasing all evidence of an American product, made in the U.S.A., just to increase their bottom line.

Why don't you tell Joe & Nick (the Old Spice "Answer Guys") what you think about their anti-American changes???