Dear Huan,

Today I came across more Chinese currency with my father's writing on it.   

Some of it was sent to Mom with his sentiments.   Others need closer examination.

I don't think you've seen these.  I hope not.  I can upload smaller pictures

so they load faster, but much clarity is lost.

Let me know what you think.



Only writing on back of note

"China 1944 w/John J. Gardner's signature"


Side one

"Verlee, I Love You, John J. Gardner" (signature)


Side two

"Merry Christmas 12-3-43 Happy New Year"


Only writing on back of note

"Dec. 3, 1943 Merry Christmas

I love you, John"


The following note was written only on the front.  But it has a lot of signatures.   

Also, there are four large red Chinese characters in a brighter red that looks different from the original note.

(all notes were scanned at 1200 dpi and can be enlarged much more)



only writing on back of following note

"John, Dec. 15, 44"



This final note appears to have extra writing on the front side in blue ink

and has to "Capt. Gardner" by "Brigidier General Tseng"

written on the back.


Capt. Gardner for the Remembrance from (?) Shoa Shao

 Brigidier General Tseng, or something like that (?)


That's all for now.  I'm going to start on the diaries and notebooks.