The following documents which are some of my father's invitations and memorabilia that I posted to my web site were translated by Huan Yan (at right, above). The original documents can be found by clicking here .


Front of Name Card                                                                       Back of Name Card




I asked Huan if he could find out what the different insignia's were.  I have these insignias.  They are beautiful.


Below is a picture of the "Order of the Bath" which was awarded to Huan's Grandfather by King George VI.   The King of England signed his name "George R.I." which is latin for Rex Imperator (King Emperor).  This is traditional.



This was one of the first "mosiac" translations using my father's memo/signature book, pictures showing the chinese soldiers today and how they looked in the large photograph posted HERE  Photograph taken after the Japanese Surrender Proceedings.  A translation of the writing at the top of the photo has been provided by Patrick Lucas: Literal:   "Army newly reorganized 6th army officer's club opening ceremony keepsake (34 year of the Republic, 10th month, 6th day in Nanjing)" Meaning: "Keepsake photo from the opening ceremony of newly reorganized 6th army officer's club (34 year of the Republic, 10th month, 6th day in Nankjng)"



An oil painting of the Japanese Surrender Ceremony in Nanking



Below is a photograph of Huan Yan standing next to Major Zhao Zhen-ying, one of few surviving witnesses to the Japanese Surrender at Nanking on 09 September 1945, and whom I met on my first trip to China in 2009 and became very good friends with him.


Below shows Mr. Zhao Zhen-ying standing guard at the surrender proceedings.  I have enlarged the photo and placed it HERE. I'm sure your Great Grandfather is present at this ceremony, but I am unable to find him.  Maybe you can find him.  Huan might be able to give you an enlargement of the photos he has.