From the Ex-CBI Roundup

July, 1954 Issue,   pg 20






The following images are from my personal collection of Ledo Road Patches.  The patches are actual size (monitor resolution 1024 x 768) but high resolution scans are linked.  There are many variations of this patch.  The patch was not officially approved by United States Army and was not to be worn outside of the the C.B.I. Theatre, therefore you won't find an "official" design.  Each patch has it's own intrinsic beauty. I don't guarantee that all of these patches are "Theater-made", but I have checked them with a UV light source and found all but one to be totally non-synthetic fibers.  One patch may have been repaired because the white threads are definitely synthetic under UV.




This is one of my favorite Bullion Patches.   Very clean with great contrast.




This patch was sewn on a khaki shirt (a border of khaki was left). 




Another nice variation and color combination






I removed this patch from a C.B.I. veteran's uniform.





This was my first Bullion Patch. The silver bullion is tarnished somewhat, but there's a special quality to the patch.





 This patch was also sewn onto khaki, and is a valuable patch.  It is the only patch that looks similar to the patch drawn on the "Ledo Road Truck Driver Award" at the top of the page. And, sure enough, it's the patch in my collection with the synthetic white thread !!!




Another interesting variation.





This patch was glued on a poster and so the reverse side is permanently stained with glue.  The glue bled through to the front (you can see a little discoloration on the white thread on the sun).  Also, this patch has the RED-WHITE-BLUE order of coloring from the top down. 

I have recently acquired two other patches with the same order of coloring (R-W-B).  These patches are identical to an authentic patch on Carl Weidenburner's web page which is an honorable tribute to his father Warren Weidenburner, a United States Army Veteran of the China-Burma-India Theater of World War II.

The following patches have been recently added



Very vibrant blues.



Here is another White Stars on Red background followed by white and blue.  There is paper stuck to the patch where it was displayed in a scrap book.



Another Red-White-Blue variation. The blue sky is almost a steel blue-grey color.




This patch was made from leather.  The bottom piece is white leather and the different colors were added by stitching different pieces of leather to replicate the conventional patches.  This is really a work of art !!


Burma Road Commemorative Stamp

First Day of Issue:  September 3rd, 1991

First Day City: Phoenix, Arizona,

 Site: American Legion National Convention







Rare VHS Documentary  "Stilwell Road"

Narrated by Ronald Reagan




Step into the world of writers and photographers as they tell you about the best, worst, and quirkiest places and adventures they encountered in the field along the Burma Road.



Please bookmark this page and check back when you get a chance.  I'll be adding to my collection.

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